There has never been a better time to hook up with Comtech Solutions than now! Our application development and after sales support office is in constant operation 24/5 in multiple time zones to provide above par service to our customers. We have partnership opportunities in several categories to accommodate your needs.

Developer Programs

Software developers and consultants looking for easily customizable accounting software for a particular client or industry will find Comtech Solutions the best choice in the market today. We utilize the industry-standard Reddick naming convention throughout our well-documented code for faster and easier addition of new features to our program. Most accounting software companies do not use any naming conventions for their programs, making customization difficult and time-consuming. We also have an SQL version of all of our Access-based products, which has SQL conversion wizards that let you upgrade your clients to SQL quickly and easily. This gives your clients the flexibility to continuously grow without any unnecessary interruptions!

Reseller Programs

We are constantly on the lookout for reputable organizations and individuals who wish to refer, sell, and support our line of business software products. As a Comtech Solutions Reseller, you will provide additional value to organizations that manufacture or distribute products, service organizations, and companies looking to transact business over the Internet. Likewise, you can profit from the sale of our software products by providing set up, implementation and customization services to your clients. A Comtech Solutions Reseller can also generate extra revenues steadily by offering support services and maintenance to their customers on a regular basis.
Prospective clients usually get wind of our products through a Comtech Referral Associate, typically a CPA or an independent consultant, which usually receives a fee based on the total sale of the software to the client initially referred. After the leads provided by the Referral Associate have been forwarded to Comtech Solutions and a sales transaction has been made, the Referral Associate does not retain client exclusivity after the initial referral, as Comtech Solutions will provide all support and maintenance necessary for the client.

Platinum Reseller
Platinum Resellers are individuals or organizations that are dedicated to creating lasting customer relationships by expanding their offering to include VisionCore. By allowing you to market your expertise in our products, the Platinum Reseller Program provides you with tremendous consulting opportunities and business profitability potential.

Diamond Reseller
A Diamond Reseller is an individual or an organization that has the resources, expertise, and capability to extend the functionality of VisionCore. We offer many valuable advantages to Diamond Resellers, including both technical and marketing support as well as exclusive products that are not available for purchase through any other channel.

Custom Programming
Not only do we work closely together with developer partners and resellers, we also do extensive collaborations with companies having very distinct business demands.

Training Options
If you are still experiencing a bit of difficulty running any of our programs, which come with highly extensive help files and a very thorough user's guide, we'll be more than happy to oblige should you choose to have any of our in-house experts or business partners provide a personalized training session. Personalized Training can either be done via a series of "Net Meeting" or by the phone.

Program and pricing options for personalized training sessions are available through any of our very accommodating sales associates. Call now and experience the numerous benefits that can be derived from extensive services.