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Company Background, History and More...

Comtech Solutions is a privately-owned corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas with a full suite of business management applications that have won industry accolades and helped thousands of businesses. The company was founded on the simple principles of saving customers time and money. These basic goals govern our research into cutting-edge technology that will serve true customer needs. With a common-sense approach to corporate financing, Comtech has continued to experience organic growth throughout the recent tech sector boom and bust by relying on true revenue growth and responsible planning to fund ongoing research and development.

In November 2001, Comtech Solutions acquired Smart Software Inc. integrating its eCommerce and financial application technology into the company's end user products. The addition of Smart Software Inc.'s seasoned management team provided expertise in overseas operations management.
  In March 2002, Comtech Solutions capitalized on their recently-acquired international business experience by opening a development and support facility in Makati City, Philippines which now houses all new product development. Our support staff is on call around-the-clock during the business week, with each support representative posessing a minimum of an undergraduate degree in accounting, computer science or both. We have continued to add professionals to round out our capabilities, including skills such as VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, HTML5, marketing and graphic design.

Our services have been expanded to include Web design, customized XML Web services and graphic arts. Our graphic artists have won numerous industry awards for their exceptional corporate identity, marketing, electronic and non-electronic art work.

Comtech Solutions now operates independent offices around the world and around the clock that benefit from the seamless connectivity that technology can provide. Our firsthand experience with global business allows us to understand the needs of customers with many different backgrounds. We look forward to providing the right technology at the best price for our clients while being able to customize it to fit their unique needs.
Our Culture

    Comtech an iRely Company is only for certain people. That's why the people that work here tend to share a collaborative, professional attitude that allows us to thrive.
    We search for people with focus. The kind of focus that interrupts your thoughts while watching TV, that wakes you up in the middle of the night.
    We search for people with zest. Our clients cannot afford semi-commitment, nor can we.
    We search for people who know when to break the rules, with a high degree of discipline, and take responsibility for the results.
    We search for people who exhibit a healthy respect for "the basics, the nitty gritty." Theorizing isn't enough-we've got to make it happen.
    We search for people who work hard for our clients.
    We search for integrity. If you don't have it, you won't make it.
    We are excited about being creative, on the edge, being the best.