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September 18, 2006
Comtech unveils revolutionary new Inherited Code Expansion architecture

HOUSTON, TX - Comtech's upcoming release of VisionCore, the first complete .NET accounting, ERP & CRM solution for SMB's, will include an important new technological breakthrough: Inherited Code Expansion (ICE).

ICE is far beyond a typical SDK.  A typical SDK is just a small subset of what ICE will allow VisionCore clients to do. Using ICE your will be able to completely customize the program without changing any of the actual source code. Other products have something similar but they force you to customize large blocks of controls instead of individual controls or properties. This can be very limiting if you simply want to move, edit or delete one control or label. You will be able to do all this using Visual Studio and not a proprietary programming environment.

With ICE you can carry your customizations forward to new builds and versions of the software without having to implement all over again. Simply install a new build and all your custom changes will be there automatically.

ICE will completely change the way enterprise software is implemented by providing an easy way to isolate custom work so that it doesn't break the client's upgrade path. This will provide significant cost benefits for customers and eliminate a major pain point in the system maintenance cycle.

The upcoming release of VisionCore will mark the 3rd major platform for Comtech's product line and a new beginning for the company. The Microsoft Visual Studio environment is widely touted as the next major wave of innovation for PC software, allowing developers to fully understand the power of Web services and dovetailing with Microsoft's upcoming release of Windows Vista.

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