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"We completed our conversion to VisionCore this week and are now up and running successfully. We wanted to write to you and say thank you for your support and help with our transition. Your support staff is exceptional. They are attentive and always work faithfully to resolve outstanding issues. I would put this as one of the top reasons any company should look to do business with Comtech. Over the years we have felt that Comtech has been an essential strategic vendor in meeting our software needs."

-- Wayne H., Q Corporation

"I've been evaluating tens of SMB ERP Solutions during my search for an ERP solution for our company since 2007,and after numerous ERP experiments and comparisons we have decided to choose VisionCore. Now, After one year of Comtech Solutions licenses and support subscription, I can say that our satisfaction level is improving. We understand that all ERPs solution,especially those that target SMB are vulnerable to errors and bugs, but I can honestly say that this is a matter of the ERP vendor having the ability to provide strong support ,like what you are providing. When we decided to select VisionCore, I realized that it may lack some features in order to comply with our needs, but our satisfaction level has improved with the following versions, which have been covering some of our requirements in order to start using it in our business. After one year of evaluating VisionCore we have decided to rely on it and use it for our business. So we have renewed the support subscription, and we are going to add more users licenses. I would like to thank you and I'll write my additional feedback regarding Visioncore in this topic. I wish you further progress and prosperity."

-- Naif A., Eker Ltd.

"I was thinking as I go along to give my comments to you as a developer and business analyst so that you can add value to your great product!"
• Interface-slick as usual. A developer on my team commented on how nice the interface is!
• Customer service- par exsalonce. You excel here.
   It shows that you care about what you do and your product.
• Keep up the good work!!

-- Jamal D., AmMed

"In case someone should ask, Comtech tech support is top notch, responsive, and a pleasure to work with."

-- Henry J., Micros & Business Solutions

"Thanks so much for the great support. You guys are really on top of things, spread the thanks throughout the team."

-- Dawn M., Pizza Inc

"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your work with us on these reports, especially the last one. This is the first time that we have truly been able to get exactly what we want out of any Accounting program, AND in a timely manner. Thanks so much again - you guys are the best!"

-- Bridget L., Quality Tyre

"It's easier to use than QuickBooks, more powerful than Peachtree and don't get me started on MAS90. I haven't found any other product more cost-effective than Image Accounting. There is literally NO COMPETITION out there in this category. If you have a small to mid-sized business, Comtech Solutions has you covered. (If you are bigger than that, there's always PeopleSoft, Oracle or SAP)"

"Three years later and I'm more sold than ever!"

-- George B., Threefold Enterprises.

"I am very happy with your company and the amount of work that you have done to help get things going... I would like to say that Deanna... does a great job keeping me very informed of all progress and where things are at any given point. She has really gone the extra mile to help...even checking her email from home to make sure we are ok."

-- Cathy R., Honey & Me Inc.

"The custom import you guys created for AllSat is perfect. It is such a time saver
and we all really appreciate it."

-- Ben S., Allsat Inc.

"I am looking forward to rolling this out and testing with our folks. Compared to other products I've tested/seen, Image Premier really looks top-notch. Nice work."

-- Mason B., ESP Electrical www.espelectrical.com

"Image Accounting Pro has been a great platform to use as the base for developing our manufacturing applications. The structure of the code and visual presentations of the data lent itself well to our learning the system and creating a seamless integrated system for our users. When we have had questions, the response time has been great and very helpful."

-- Marty Glassman, Plus Development

"Thanks for your EXCELLENT customer service...this is something I've never experienced with an online company before."

-- Amy C., Oregon Trail

"First and foremost, I thank you for the work you have been doing for PCI. They are very pleased and went live this past Monday. As you know we are still going through a slight learning curve but they are learning very quickly with my guidance. They have already entered ~ 100 orders, processed invoices, created and printed payroll checks and more!! ."

-- Precision Color

"Things are so much better since you were able to send the fix on the Purchase Receipt. I can't tell you how much faster things are working. Trust me the end users are really happy about the change."

-- Joe R., Blue Collar Software, Inc.

"I just set up .Net for EZOfficeSupply.com and it was incredibly easy. This software is a winner and is going to the top.big time. There is no comparison to Microsoft Great Plains with Adept .Net being so user friendly."

-- John S., CEO of EZ Office Supply

"Your company is professional, honest and very thorough. You make excellent cost saving suggestions which I appreciate. I am also very pleased with Image Pro and the fact you provide the code for modifications makes it an excellent software application not only for our business but for many others. I'm sure our relationship is long term and I thank you again."

-- Rick S., Cohaba Systems.

"We just had a 3 day show in which we showcased your product, it went well and we will see how many additional sales will be Forthcoming"

-- John G., Synergistics, Inc.

"Our company bought your product because I believed strongly in where Comtech was heading. Thanks for taking that extensive time to setup my computer and go over the AWESOME new web module!!! I have been playing with it and it is very neat. Great JOB!!!

-- Alex G., Techni-Lux, Inc.

"The Work Flow interface and all the user forms have the look and feel of the high end application that Image Accounting is. The user-friendly graphical interface makes its powerful functions incredibly easy to use."

-- Custom Logix, Inc.

"There are some nice features on the new program. I especially like that I can make employees inactive. Good job on that change! Thanks for your help!."

-- Susan K., Shielding International, Inc.

"Once again I really appreciate your help with EVERYTHING! I honestly have to admit you are not like other salesmen. I felt confident in the product in talking to you. I didn't feel pressure. This company is great to have you and you should do very well with them."

-- Robyn T., Joe Cool, Inc.

"I got the package, it is great. I tried out a few things and it works very well."

-- Joel F., J&J Trading, Inc.

"Thanks! I really appreciate your help on this. And thanks for the quick response. I don't know how many people appreciate it, but I certainly do."

-- Don J, TLG Business Solutions.

"This is probably one of the most complete invoice entry screens I have ever seen, with the information accessible from this one screen equivalent to four or five data-entry screens in comparable programs."

-- Mary Girsch-Bock, CPA Software News.

"The customization work you have done for me has saved me so much time and money. Your support and time in answering my questions has been excellent. Great Job!"

-- Leslie H., Blackstone.