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Established in 1992, Comtech Solutions has quickly become an industry leader in financial applications and services. Comtech Solutions was one of the first companies to develop software using Microsoft .NET Framework and has won industry accolades for their ease of use and superior features.

In November 2001, Comtech Solutions acquired Smart Software Inc. integrating its eCommerce and financial application technology into the company's end user products. In March 2002, we continued to expand by opening a development and support facility in Makati City, Philippines. Our highly-trained staff in this facility allowed us to become early pioneers in Microsoft's .NET framework. Today we are continuing our tradition of using cutting-edge technologies to help businesses work smarter and more efficiently.

At Comtech Solutions, we are committed to creating products that improve the way business is being done. Simply put, Comtech Solutions is here to save you time and money.
Our Mission Statement

      Comtech an iRely Company has a focused goal to be the premier software development company
and lead the next generation of business software by:
    Developing innovative technology tools that simplify complicated business processes
    Striving to exceed customer expectations by learning from our customers and learning from each other to continue to improve our products and services
    Continuing to pursue and implement the newest and best technology advances to provide our customers the best tools available