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December 17, 2008
VisionCore gets ntegrated MICR check writing

HOUSTON, TX - December 17, 2008 - HOUSTON, TX - Comtech Solutions announces changes within its core check writing functions by introducing MICR font printing.

For many organizations, check printing through accounting software solutions requires the purchase of pre-printed serialized documents. Though simple to print, there are numerous inefficiencies and difficulties that plague this process. To name a few, pre-printed check stock requires additional security requirements to deter and detect fraud, causes audit issues for printer/paper jams, and slows the process down considerably when printing multiple checks throughout the day.

With VisionCore, you can now order completely blank check stock and let the software print the required MICR encoding and serial number. The added benefits of this process are numerous. With blank check stock, fraud is greatly reduced and does not require dual-controls for checking out and issuing negotiable items. Also, blank check stock gives the issuer greater control in managing internal check number ranges and bank account management.

With this process, all created checks will have a fully MICR-encoded portion of the check with proper ABA, account number, and check sequence number. All other pertinent information will print as before. No longer will you need to worry about printer integrity as reprint or void procedures will allow you to generate a new check with little to no effort. Internal audit controls are also present to monitor check issuance procedures to further enhance your fraud detection controls.

This valuable enhancement comes standard with all new and existing VisionCore clients. Our commitment to you is in providing needed and valued solutions necessary to improve business functions and increase your overall bottom dollar. Contact a Comtech Solutions sales representative today at (800) 650-1404 to learn more about integrated MICR check printing.

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