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December 22, 2008
Comtech Solutions adds new Sales Force Automation components to their existing Customer Relationship Management module of VisionCore and Image Premier

HOUSTON, TX - December 22, 2007 - HOUSTON, TX - Comtech Solutions announces new updates to both VisionCore and Image Premier to better improve process return on investment. This new update offers numerous performance and process enhancements; however, core to this update is the addition of one-click Opportunity and Campaign tracking.

Missed sales opportunities or unprofitable marketing campaigns are cumbersome to endure during economic uncertainties. Knowing your opportunity pipeline and which marketing campaign efforts are effective are essential to your overall business success. VisionCore and Image Premier provide both tracking options to further enhance business decisions.

For Opportunities, both software packages from Comtech Solutions provide a single portal of entry for opportunities, competitors, value, estimated value, and the associated campaign that generated the lead. From this single menu, you can create quotes and orders for prospects or orders and invoices for existing customers you are working up-sell opportunities. In addition, you can track emails, notes, and scheduled activities to ensure the opportunity ends with a closed sale.

Tracking dollars spent and dollars earned is crucial for determining which marketing trends and efforts provide sustainable and profitable results. VisionCore and Image Premier's campaign tracker provides essential fields to track, manage, and report on each marketing campaign effort your sales team employs.

These updates to VisionCore and Image Premier further the application's holistic approach in providing a single source of integrated modules to better business decisions and your bottom dollar. Contact a sales representative at (800) 650-1404 today to learn more how these enhancements can generate real dollars for your organization.

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