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January 29, 2010
AbleCommerce 7.0.4 released

This upgrade is available free to active subscription holders or customers who have purchased within 30 days of the release date.

Over 40 enhancements and 150 issues have been corrected in version 7.0.4. A summary of the more notable features includes:
  • Chase Paymentech Orbital payment gateway integration (certified on Salem and Tampa platforms)
  • Move, delete, and change visibility of catalog items in bulk
  • Order Manager search interface improved
  • Extend tax interface so that orders can be recalculated
  • Allow multiple product templates to be assigned to a product
  • Shipping estimate control improved
  • Include a UPC field in product feeds
  • New Sales Summary report
  • New email send and edit feature throughout the merchant admin
  • Recurring subscription amount can be taxable
  • Improve the Product Templates user interface
  • Category display should default sort to admin specified order
  • Require user to change password at next login
  • Attach or delete digital goods directly to an order
  • Improve acquire serial keys feature for ordered digital goods
  • Allow directory management for digital goods files
  • Improve Manage Subscriptions user interface to view summary and upcoming expirations
  • Improve the Edit User interface and a new Purchase History page.
  • Added Purchase History report for the customer's account.
  • Captcha should be supported on user registration
  • Remove Microsoft Enterprise Library database wrapper (program directly against the SQL client)
  • Catalog pages now render with a canonical link tag to avoid duplicate content.
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