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AbleCommerce Integration Bridge - What's New

   What’s New in Build
     Released: 07-11-2013
  • AbleCommerce Integration installer is now compatible AbleCommerce Gold R5
  • AbleCommerce Integration installer is now compatible with SQL 2012
  • AbleCommerce Integration installer now includes a digitally signed certificate
  • Resolved Bug on Inventory Manufacturer not synching on online products
  • Resolved Bug on online payments vanished under VisionCore Invoice | Payments tab
  • Resolved Bug on not updating item Instock online
  • Resolved Bug on missing matrix optionchoices on AbleCommerce
  • Resolved Bug on adding online user under admin account does not sync onto VisionCore
  • Resolved Bug on deleting an item in VisionCore
  • Resolved Bug on "There is no row at position 0 error message" when category was entered online
  • Resolved Bug on "This record has been modified by another user" message displayed in VisionCore when saving an item
  • Resolved Bug on unable to purchase an item online though the Inventory mode is set to Disabled
  • Resolved Bug on "Unexpected row count" error message displayed when browsing users and orders online
  • Resolved Bug on "Executing NonQuery" error message when integrating VisionCore and AbleCommerce Database.
   What’s New in Build
     Released: 06-22-2012
  • Added Mapping of VC Manufacturer Number to AC Manuf. Part No.
  • Added Help Topics Menu on AC Service Icon
  • Added VC to AC Synchronization of Product with Long Description
  • Resolved Bug on Online Payments cascade on Invoice Payment tab wherein the issue is payment being vanished after converting the Order to Invoice.
  • Resolved Bug on Order and Shipped Status online is not updating properly where status on AC is not changing after posting the associated Invoice of the online Order.
  • Resolved Bug on Delete AbleCommerce Order when deleting VisionCore Orders option from Stores form is not working.
  • Resolved Bug on Sales Quote should not be synchronized in AC Order.
  • Resolved Bug on Online customer should have the default Sales Tax Code when populating to VisionCore.
  • Resolved Bug on VC specs tab is not updating wherein changes on the specs tab of Inventory item should cascade on AC.
  • Resolved Bug on Initializing ACService is freezing up.
  • Resolved Bug on Other Transfer Interval Type should be disabled if there is already selected one and Day of Synchronization field is disabled when Transfer Interval Type is not Weekly.
  • Resolved Bug on Created online order should be linked to Anonymous user if the customer choose the Anonymous checkout.
  • Changed intVCCategoryID in ac_Categories table should be removed.
  • Resolved Resolved Bug on Gift Wrap in AC Integration does not sync
   What’s New in Build 2.0
     Released: 05-04-2010
  • Added Completely rewrote the AbleCommerce Integration Bridge using Web Services. This service runs in the background and is much more reliable than the original integration.
  • Added Latest AbleCommerce Integration Bridge is now compatible in AbleCommerce Build 7.0.4.
  • Added Set the synchronization intervals by minutes or hours and specific the day and time of the week.
  • Added The VisionCore Server and AbleCommerce Server can now be on 2 different servers connected over the Internet since data transfer is done through web services.
  • Added Included a detailed Audit Log.
  • Added Set the number of records per batch.
  • Added The user can control all inventory fields in AbleCommerce through VisionCore.
   What’s New in Build 1.27
     Released: 05-18-2009
  • Added Latest AbleCommerce Integration Bridge is now compatible in AbleCommerce Build 7.0.3
  • Added a Kit feature in AbleCommerce Order.
  • Added Specs tab in Matrix Wizard for displaying of matrix product's description in AbleCommerce page.
  • Added a validation in creating Customer/Prospect with duplicate emails in VisionCore.
  • Modified StrType field length for matrixinventorytype trigger from 10 to 100 nvarchar.
  • Removed Html tags(header and body) in Inventory Specs tab.
  • Set IsApproved field in AbleCommmerce ac_users to '1' where strclass is equal to 'Prospect", '0' if strclass is equal to Customer.
   What’s New in Build 1.26
     Released: 10-01-2008
  • Added a two way Inventory data synchronization feature.
  • Added Show on AbleCommerce checkbox in the Inventory Matrix Wizard and Inventory Matrix Item forms.
  • Mapped Last Cost field in VisionCore to the Cost of Goods in AbleCommerce.
  • Mapped Maximum Order Quantity to Max Quantity field in AbleCommerce.
  • Updated the Integration Utility.
   What’s New in Build 1.19
     Released: 07-25-2008
  • Added support for the Delete AbleCommerce Orders when deleting VisionCore Orders option in the Add-Ons Preferences form in VisionCore.
  • Mapped Inventory Item Number field in VisionCore to the Product SKU field in AbleCommerce.
  • Mapped Inventory Item Description field in VisionCore to the Product Name field in AbleCommerce.
  • Mapped Inventory Item PO Description field in VisionCore to the Product Summary field in AbleCommerce.
  • Mapped Tax Code (Sales) in VisionCore to Tax Rules in AbleCommerce.
   What’s New in Build 1.15
     Released: 06-20-2008
  • AbleCommerce Options are now unique for each Product though Options of different products can have the same name (e.g. Pillowcase Size is distinct from Bed Sheet Size).
  • Option Choices are now distinct for each product (e.g. Pillowcase can have S, M, L sizes but cannot have King and Queen sizes like Bed Sheet).
  • Added support for Matrix Items having Sequential Item Numbering.
   What’s New in Build 1.13
     Released: 06-06-2008
  • Added feature where created Order in VisionCore will now reflect in AbleCommerce.
  • Added feature where created Quote in VisionCore will now reflect as Order in AbleCommerce.
  • Added feature where Customer in VisionCore will now reflect as user group in AbleCommerce to cater Customer - Specific (Special) Pricing of VisionCore.