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VisionCore was written using the latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server. It's the first application to efficiently utilize the strengths of these tools.

VisionCore is also compatible with SQL Server Express Editions for smaller companies that don't require or can't yet afford the full suite of SQL Server features.

Newer versions of VisionCore are starting to use Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Entity Framework 4 (EF), WCF RIA Services along with Silverlight 4.0 and the .NET Framework 4.0.

Technical Features

Component-based architecture makes programming more efficient in the software. Many changes can be made universally by changing a single section of source code. Additionally, a strict set of coding "best practices" has been adhered to throughout the development of VisionCore so coding styles are consistent and organized. The organization of functions within the code makes them easy for us to build on.

Scalability and N-Tier Architecture

VisionCore has a lot more power "under the hood" than you can see on the surface. The n-Tier Architecture means that you can split the computing workload between more that 2 layers of computers (i.e. Client/Server). This reduces the workload on the server, meaning faster performance and more flexibility in configuring your network.

VisionCore also has the advantage of running on the most popular and robust database platform available: SQL Server. This means your data capacity is only limited by your hard drive space. SQL Server keeps your data secure and organized so that VisionCore and any other application tied into your database will operate smoothly and without bottlenecks.

SQL Server also includes many new database management tools that will make day-to-day maintenance of your server easier and more automated. The security is also improved so your data will be safer than ever before.

Web Services

Many people have been able to eliminate tedious activities like mailing, faxing and data entry on a daily basis by utilizing Web services to receive PO's, send Orders, share information with customers and provide human resources tools. Excitement is growing as managers see the significant labor savings they can realize through the use of Web services. The power of these tools will continue to grow as people use more and more devices like PDA's, cell phones and media devices become part of the average businessperson's daily life.

If you've ever sent an Instant Message or seen a live online demo, you've already experienced a small taste of what Web services can do for you. These collaborative tools are just the tip of the iceberg of how Web services can make your business easier to run.