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What is AbleCommerce?

A complete ecommerce software program that allows merchants to sell shippable or digital goods on the internet. Using your browser, you can securely connect and manage your store, customers, and orders from anywhere in the world. This is a full Asp.Net application that installs easily to any capable website.

Our ecommerce software was invented in 1993, and first sold in 1994 under the name of "StoreBuilder". For over sixteen years now, we have been focusing on one thing - to create an easy-to-use shopping cart system that is full of features, customizable, and affordable for new merchants. This has been our philosophy since the beginning. Our team has the experience and readiness that you simply will not find any where else. We know the online marketplace is always changing and our preparedness to deal with that is our specialty. Our development team is always looking forward to future technologies so AbleCommerce software will always meet, or exceed the highest standards for online ecommerce.

Visa certified. Secure PA-DSS v1.2 software

The fact is, all shopping cart applications must be certified in order for their customers to comply with the mandated Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PA-DSS is the Council-managed program formerly under the supervision of the Visa Inc. program known as the Payment Application Best Practices (PABP).

AbleCommerce software was officially PCI certified under the new, and stricter,
PA-DSS v1.2 standards on June 1st 2009.
AbleCommerce was one of the first shopping cart software products to be certified under the new PA-DSS certification process. PA-DSS certification requires exhaustive forensics analysis by an independent certified testing agency. Be careful of other solutions that claim they are 'compliant' - it is not the same. Visa.com maintains a list of PABP Validated Payment Applications on their website.

July 2010 is the deadline for Phase 5 of the ' Payment Application Security Mandates*'. This VISA mandate states that 'Acquirers must ensure their merchants, VNPs and agents use only PA-DSS compliant applications'.

AbleCommerce recommends merchants using a non-certified solution to start making plans to meet VISA's requirements before the deadline. Using a 3rd party payment system such as Google checkout or Paypal Express may be a solution but will result in decreased sales conversions.

Well written using Asp.Net standards

At the core of our shopping cart is the CommerceBuilder engine, a set of compiled .NET assemblies that provide an object framework for ecommerce transactions. The objects provide a friendly interface to link web scripts to the database. This framework is extremely flexible and well documented to make it simple for merchant developers to create a truly custom shopping experience.

CommerceBuilder is written completely in C#, one of the most widely used .NET languages. Our version 7.0 is designed specifically for use with the .NET 2.0 or 3.5 frameworks. It is also written to work properly within ASP.NET Medium trust, which is necessary for many common shared hosting environments.

On the scripting side, we have employed a new web design framework built on extensions of ASP.NET Themes and Personalization features. Using this framework, merchants can make many modifications to the store without sacrificing the ability to upgrade to new versions of AbleCommerce. It also makes it easy to create, share, and install new themes that can completely change the look, feel, and behavior of a store.

For more information, see the Developers feature page.

Award Winning

Our URL re-writing system along with strategic use of html tags will give you top placement in the search engines.
The XML site map will get you fully indexed quickly by leading search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Search Engine Friendly

Our URL re-writing system along with strategic use of html tags will give you top placement in the search engines. The XML site map will get you fully indexed quickly by leading search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Powerful, yet easy to use and deploy

Our easy-to-use shopping cart solution is uniquely suited for merchants that have outgrown existing systems. The software program can be installed through standard FTP upload to most hosting services that support Asp.Net applications. You can install to your own server, or use the AbleCommerce hosting service and we'll install it for you. AbleCommerce offers the highest product quality and most features for the dollar. We dare you to compare us against solutions costing thousands more.

Lower cost of ownership

If you are looking for a tool that is economical, powerful enough to handle all the levels and options you want to offer in a store, will give you the confidence of compatibility, upgradeable, feature rich, and fully customizable, then you're looking to become an AbleCommerce Merchant!

There are no hidden fees. This is a complete ecommerce package with everything you need to sell. Software and a license for a single domain name is $995. We include 30 days of free support and a free development license too!

Owning a software license means that you get to take all your hard work with you when you decide to change hosting services. Why spend thousands on rented solutions when you can own it forever.