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Control Panel

Use the Control Panel to administer and configure BizCore for your company. Access the main menu, update the knowledgebase, check statistics and more.

Manage all the members including customers, prospects and users. Check the customer tasks or status overview to see if there is anything that requires your attention.
Administrator Dashboard

When first logging into BizCore, the dashboard displays several configurable panels such as your Last 5 Forum Posts, Survey's, Forum Statistics, Weather, News, Connected Users and much more.

The dashboard can be configured differently for each user. Dashboard panels can be added or removed and arranged in any way you like.
Dashboard Panels

BizCore includes over 20 dashboard panels that can be configured and arranged to your liking.

The Dashboard can be configured to display between one and three columns of panels. You can include as many or as few as you need.
Manage BizCore

Each module can be managed using the Control Panel. There are various options and settings for each group.

Configure the Project Manager, Issue Tracker, Suggestion Tracker, Download Manager and more all from a central location.

The configuration form can be used to setup your mail server, administrator email accounts, graphic banners, folder locations, URL, time zone, company name and much more.


There are several individual preference forms such as the Forum Preferences that can be used to set options for each of the modules.