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Users and Roles

BizCore can easily handle thousands of users with it scalable architecture and robust SQL Server backend database. Each user can be configured with User Roles to restrict certain users from any area of BizCore.

Users can choose their own theme which changes the look and feel of BizCore. They can also set their time zone and set other important details.
Word-like WYSIWYG Editor

The Word-like editor is used all throughout BizCore anywhere you need to enter paragraphs of information. This provides similar features that you would find in a word processor.

The editor allows you to format your text anyway you want, includes spell checking, multiple undo/redo, automatic draft saving, emoticons, picture manager and a lot more.
Project Manager

The Project Manager can be used to create and track complex projects your company needs to work on. Detailed specifications can be entered using the Word-like editor.

Assign managers and users to the project along with task each of them are responsible form. Use the Managers Forum to collaborate with other users involved in the project.

The configuration form can be used to setup your mail server, administrator email accounts, graphic banners, folder locations, URL, time zone, company name and much more.


There are several individual preference forms such as the Forum Preferences that can be used to set options for each of the modules.
Support Forums

When a user posts a topic, an email can be sent to specific email groups to alert them. When you reply, an email is sent to the user alerting them a reply is waiting.

You can set reminder emails to be sent out if a topic has not been replied to in a certain number of hours. This ensures great customer service.

Multiple Status levels can be assigned for each topic and a user can attach a file, check spelling, insert images or emoticons and use a host of other word like features.
Issue Tracker

Use the Issue Tracker to log problems you customer report about your products or services. You can set priority levels, track the status, enter detailed notes via the integrated Word-like editor and more.

Suggestion Tracker

Use the Suggestion Tracker to log suggestions or feedback you customers report about your products or services. You can set priority levels, track the status, enter detailed notes via the integrated Word-like editor and more.
Customers and Prospects

Customers and Prospects can have multiple users, subscriptions, private forums and downloads. Each forum and file download can be tied to a different subscription.

Each User can be assigned to one or more forums and downloads. Users can be assigned security roles to restrict access to certain functions and emailed when a forum topic has been replied to.

Each customer or prospect can manage their own set of users including updating their user name and passwords, time zones, themes, picture, email and security role.
VisionCore Integration

BizCore tied directly into VisionCore using Web Services so you can easily add customers and prospects from VisionCore to BizCore with a click of a button.

You can also view forum posts and subscription details for any customer or prospect in VisionCore.
Integrated Knowledgebase

Create knowledgebase articles automatically from forum posts or create new articles using the built-in Word-like WYSIWYG editor. This powerful editor gives you all the main benefits of a word processor on the web.

You can format your knowledgebase articles any way you want and group them based on categories or products. Your users will be able to search for any text in the articles and can see the most popular articles first.
Key Features BizCore
Unlimited Users
    Unlimited Members (Customers, Prospects & Users)  
    Private, Semi-Private or Public Forums  
    Assign Forums to individual customers and prospects  
    Word-like WYSIWYG Editor  
    Included Spell Checker  
    Integrated Email  
    Forum email notifications  
    Issue Tracker with email notifications  
    Suggestion Tracker with email notifications  
    Project Manager  
    Status update page  
    Customizable dashboard with over 20 panels  
    Administrative Control Panel  
    User Themes  
    Download Manager  
    Upload Manager  
    Attach unlimited size files to forum topics  
    Customer Tasks  
    User Roles