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Keep track of your Receivables

Use the receivables form to quickly receive money from several customers at the same time. Filter by customer, groups and currency to making receiving fast.

Track the payment methods and even process credit cards with the available PCI compliant credit card processing module.
Receivables History

Quickly review past payment history for any of your customers. Print from several different Accounts Receivable reports to show which of your customers are due or past due.
Receive Payments

Use the Receive Payments form to select a single customer when a customer makes a payment on numerous invoices. You can enter a total payment amount and have the system automatically pay the oldest invoices first.

Sort the invoices by due date, invoice total, amount due or invoice number. Automatically handle discounts, overpayments, credits and unapplied amounts.
Finance Charges

Setup payment terms to charge finance charges if your customers pay late.
The Finance Charge form will display all invoices that are late based on several filters. Automatically calculate the finance charges and generate invoices for your late customers.
Accounts Receivable Reports

Select from several preconfigured accounts receivable reports or easily create your own with the built in report designer. Send reports via email with the built-in email form directly from VisionCore. Emails will automatically include a PDF attachment of the report.

Print customer statements and balance summaries as well as any overpayments or credits your customers have.

    ▪ Save reports as PDF, XLS, CSV or RTF

    ▪ Customize existing reports with ease

    ▪ Pick from over several AR reports

    ▪ Email AR reports with built-in email
Key Features VisionCore
Receive payments quickly with the Multi-Customer Form
    Group and filter Receivables by column names  
    Customize display by adding or removing columns of information  
    View and Receive in a different currency  
    Drill down receivable history  
    Ability to attach documents to a Receivable  
    Email or print customer statements from Receivables  
    View all paid and unpaid Receivable History per Customer  
    Return Receivables  
    Recap to see GL details  
    Assign a Store ID to a Receivable  
    Ability to override Term discounts  
    Quickly apply an Amount to multiple Invoices  
    Run credit cards with integrated payment processing  
    Calculate Finance Charges by actual days  
    Enter minimum days past due and calculate Finance Charges  
    Enter minimum days since last charge and calculate Finance Charges  
    Enter a minimum Finance Charge amount  
    Auto post Finance Charges as they are created  
    Batch Post Receivables  
    User defined powerful grid searching  
    Group by any column in the Search Form  
    Export and summarize search information  
    Advanced searching options available