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Financial Report Generator

The Financial Report Generator is designed to accommodate the needs of every financial officer where detailed customized financial reports are required. Financial information derived for these reports are pulled directly from the general ledger and require no programming knowledge.

The Financial Report Generator allows direct connection with the budgets you configured on the start of your fiscal period. The budget figures can be used to compare with the actual general ledger amounts and shown on the financial reports as well.
Generate Custom Financial Reports

Create detailed and complex reports for your organization by simply configuring the rows and columns you want to be displayed on your financial report. Use the Report Generator to manage all your financial reports and set security permissions to restrict certain users from viewing those reports.
Row Designer

The Row Designer form is used to create rows that you want to be shown in your financial reports. Rows configured in this form directly works with the columns configured in the Column Designer form.
Generating Rows

Use the Generate Rows to quickly populate the Row Designer. By selecting multiple account types, the Generate Rows form will automatically populate row components with all of the accounts on separate lines.
Row Calculations, Filter and Options

Use the Row Calculations form to easily configure complex formulas for any row. You can set font style, font color and row height options for every row.

The Filter Accounts can be used to filter specific accounts or segments for each row, plus you can set criteria for each of the filtered accounts.
Column Designer

The Column Designer form is used to create columns that you want to be shown in your financial reports. Columns configured in this form directly works with the rows configured in the Row Designer form.

Choose from 12 different column types including graphs, calculations, lines, filters and more.
Report Builder

The Report Builder is used to generate financial reports from the created row and column designer components. You can use the Account Monitor form to allow the user to select specific accounts, or select them by account group or account type to monitor accounts used from a specified report.
Report Groups & Distribution Lists

The Report Groups can be used to create groups consisting of two or more Financial Reports. This is useful if you need to view related reports together. You can also setup distribution lists that send emails to multiple recipients with the financial statements from any group.
Key Features VisionCore
Advanced financial reporting based directly on data from the general ledger
    Create and manage unlimited complex financial reports based on rows and columns  
    Integrated with budgets  
    Set report permissions using the integrated security  
    Assign a default printer to each report  
    Set the default quantity to print  
    Suppress Zeros from displaying on printed reports  
    Include Audit Adjustments on printed reports  
    Groups financial reports and print as a batch  
    Configure every row and column of each report  
    Unlimited Row Designer Templates  
  Row Designer - Row Types include the following:
    - Calculation
    - Total Calculation
    - Cash Flow Activity
    - Left Title
    - Center Title
    - Right Title
    - Description Title
    - Underscore
    - Double Underscore
    - Hidden
    - Line
    - Page Break
    - None

    Row Designer - Related Row Calculations  
    Row Designer - Balance Side (Debit/Credit)  
    Row Designer - Filter Accounts using advanced criteria  
    Row Designer - Link to GL  
    Row Designer - Add unlimited rows  
    Row Designer - Automatically generate rows  
    Row Designer - Synchronize  
    Row Designer - Import/Export  
    Row Designer - Duplicate  
    Row Designer - Set Font Style, Color and Row Height for any row  
    Unlimited Column Designer Templates  
    Column Designer - Column Header  
    Column Designer - Header Caption  
  Column Designer - Column Types include the following:
    - Bar Graph
    - Budget
    - Calculation
    - Column Calculation
    - Row Calculation
    - Row Codes
    - Row Description
    - Credit
    - Debit
    - Segment Filter
    - GL Trend
    - None

  Column Designer - Filter Types include the following:
    - As of Date
    - As of Date Fiscal Year
    - As of Date This Month
    - As of Date Period
    - As of Date Previous Fiscal Year
    - As of Date Previous Month
    - As of Date Previous Period
    - As of Date Previous Quarter
    - As of Date Previous Year
    - As of Date Next Fiscal Year
    - As of Date Next Month
    - As of Date Next Period
    - As of Date Next Quarter
    - As of Date Next Year
    - Custom
    - Fiscal Year
    - Fiscal Year to Date
    - This Month
    - Period
    - Previous Fiscal Year
    - Previous Month
    - Previous Period
    - Previous Quarter
    - Previous Year
    - Next Fiscal Year
    - Next Month
    - Next Period
    - Next Quarter
    - Next Year
    - Month to Date
    - Quarter to Date
    - Year to Date
    - Last Year Fiscal Year to Date
    - Last Year Month to Date
    - Last Year Quarter to Date
    - Last Year to Date

    Column Designer - Start and End Date  
    Column Designer - Column Width  
    Column Designer - Column Alignment  
    Column Designer - Format Masking  
    Column Designer - Duplicate  
    Column Designer - Synchronize  
    Column Designer - Import/Export  
    Report Builder - Show red line on preview  
    Report Builder - Show report settings  
    Report Builder - Show default header  
    Report Builder - Set Margins  
    Report Builder - Page Orientation  
    Report Builder - Custom Page Header and Footers  
    Report Builder - Custom Report Header and Footers  
    Report Builder - Account Monitor  
    Report Builder - Generate Reports  
    Report Groups  
    Report Groups - Distribution List (Employees, Customers and Other)  
    Report Groups - Show individual report header and footers  
    Email Financial Report Groups