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General Ledger

The extensive general ledger drill-down capabilities enable you to view everything from detailed journal entries to original source documents. Filtering, sorting and grouping your General Ledger information will be easier than ever in VisionCore.

Having an easy to use format can make entering miscellaneous transactions painless. Recurring Journal transactions can be done quickly with the recurring transactions form.
General Ledger Detail

Grouping information and exporting to another file format puts the control in your hands when viewing data. All transactions are collected within your General Ledger so having a fast and convenient way to search for information is essential. Sorting and filtering will allow you to quickly find the information you need.

VisionCore includes standard financial reports, including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance, Budget and Chart of Account Segment reports. General Journal reports and transactional reports, providing transaction detail for all postings made to every General Ledger account.

View Cash Flow Analysis, Cash Flow Forecasting, Cash Disbursements, over 30 other general ledger reports. Each report can be completely customized with the built in report designer.

See the included Financial Report Generator for more advanced reporting.
Flexibility with Fiscal Year
and Closing Periods

Establish flexible fiscal period definitions and close or open of your periods securely. Whether you close the entire month or just a specific module, you have the control.

Make a mistake? An authorized user can open the closed period so information can be updated and changed.
Chart of Accounts

It's imperative to have a clear and understandable picture of your Chart of Accounts. Sorting, grouping and exporting can be done swiftly. Renaming, moving or deleting an account can be handled with ease.
Building Segmented Accounts

VisionCore provides you with the flexibility to accommodate complex company account structures. Design and build your segmented general ledger through a set of clearly defined setup forms. VisionCore also has tools available to import an existing GL structure from another source.

There are no limitations on how many levels of segmented accounts you can create. You have full control to accomplish any format your business might need.

With full drill down of account segments and groups, you can obtain the information and details you need promptly.
Account Allocation

Looking for a way to divvy up amounts to a group of GL accounts? Using Account Allocations, you can select a list of accounts and designate the percentages to be impact per account.
Key Features VisionCore
Extensive GL drill down capabilities
    Drag and Drop or remove columns of information  
    User defined powerful grid searching  
    Group by, filter and search for information  
    Export GL details (html, pdf, word, text and excel)  
    Advanced and Saved searching options available  
    Built in Import process for General Journals  
    Recur General Journal transactions  
    Duplicate a General Journal  
    Reference a Store ID in a Journal  
    Enter a reverse date for a Journal  
    Reference a Job ID in a Journal  
    Flexibility with Fiscal Year and Closing Periods  
    Ability to create an Audit Adjustment  
    Over 30 Drill down General Ledger reports  
    Sort, group and filter Chart of Accounts  
    Easy to change account descriptions  
    Ability to export chart of account details  
    No limitations on the number of segments or groups  
    Ability to import an existing account structure from another source  
    Full drill down of account segments and groups  
    New Account Wizard makes it easy to add an account later  
    Ability to move, rename or move accounts  
    Use the Account Allocation form to setup component accounts with corresponding percentages  
    Ability to setup default accounts per user