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Create a budget for each of your accounts and compare budgets variances from the current and previous fiscal year.

Set your budget amount for each period and view the actual, variance and variance percentage for the current period or previous periods.
Budget Overview

Run reports to view budget comparisons and account totals. Use the attachments tab to store related documents for your budget.
Budget Definition

Use the Budget Definition form to estimate budgets for the fiscal period of a specific account. Define or estimate a budget and automatically calculate the budgets for a fiscal period.
Budget Codes

The budget codes are useful if you want to setup and maintain more than one budget for your company. The codes are then used in the Budget Definition form where budget computation is configured to setup your budgets.

Copy Budget Codes

Use the Copy Budget Codes to quickly copy your budget definitions from one year to the next. This makes setting up budgets for a new year much faster.
Key Features VisionCore
Create and maintain multiple budgets per company
    Compare current budget to past years  
    Group budgets by accounts, account groups or types  
    Sort budgets by periods, current, actual, variance or percent  
    Filter budgets by account, description or account group  
    Attach related documents to each budget  
    Create budget definitions  
    Increase or decrease a budget by amount or percent  
    Calculate budgets through open year amount  
    Calculate budgets through open year percent  
    Calculate budgets through other budget percent  
    Calculate budgets through set amount  
    Calculate budgets through yearly amount  
    Copy budget years from one budget to another  
    Run budget comparison reports  
    Display budget account totals  
    Budget details by periods  
    Budget details by quarter  
    Budget details by semi-annually  
    Budget details by year  
    Financial Report Generator integrated budget filtering