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VisionCore integrates all of your banking activity into one location making it easy to manage your cash assets.

You can swiftly and smoothly handle and track various transactions including checks, deposits, withdrawals, credit card charges, bank fees as well as reconcile all accounts.
Bank Account List & Register

Quickly manage and view all cash accounts and balance from the Bank Account list. Drill into a specific account register to see transaction details. Filtering, searching and grouping the register will allow you to locate information instantly.
Bank information, Check Number Audit & MICR Setup

You will have easy access to your vital bank information as well check number configuration including MICR setup per bank account.

For security, review a full audit trail of your used check numbers.
Undeposited Funds

VisionCore can hold your received money in a suspense account called Undeposited Funds until you make your deposit. Select and verify the money for the deposit and those transactions will appear on your Deposit form.
Positive Pay Format

Positive Pay, also known as Safe Pay, is the process of notifying the bank of checks to be cleared.

Each Bank will have a different import/export format which can be created and setup in VisionCore.
Print Checks

VisionCore offers a variety of check formats and options when printing checks. Whether you are printing checks on existing preprinted check stock or printing MICR checks, you have the flexibility customize the setup to meet your needs.

It's effortless to select and review the checks to be printed.
Bank Reconciliation

An intuitively designed bank reconciliation form will help you to easily reconcile cash and credit card accounts. Print out detailed reconciliation reports.
Key Features VisionCore
Bank Account List view of Cash Accounts
    Sort Bank Account List by Currency  
    Full Bank Register per account  
    Sort, group and filter Bank Register details  
    Ability to Export register details  
    Detailed bank information and setup per cash account  
    MICR check setup available  
    Check Audit features  
    Configure Positive Pay to work with your Bank  
    Import and Export Positive Pay details  
    Write individual miscellaneous checks  
    Select a Vendor ID to populate Payee  
    Reference a Store ID per check  
    Individually or batch print checks  
    Easy to customize existing checks with built in report designer  
    Ability to select and reprint checks  
    Undeposited Funds form to select receivables for a deposit  
    Recap to see GL details prior to posting  
    Credit Card Account List displaying accounts in the Credit Card account group  
    Sort Credit Card accounts by currency  
    Full Credit Card account Register  
    Use the Credit Card Charges form to enter miscellaneous charges  
    Use the Credit Card Return form to enter a return  
    Bank Reconciliation  
    Ability to sort columns of information ascending and descending  
    Move column grids to customize the layout of Bank Reconciliation form  
    Bank reconciliation reports available while reconciling  
    Reconcile credit card accounts  
    Create recurring transactions  
    Batch Post transactions  
    User defined powerful grid searching  
    Group by any column in the Search Form  
    Export and summarize search information  
    Advanced and Saved searching options available