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Job Costing

Track costs, materials and revenues for each project in an organized, incisive way. From the estimate to the final billing the Job Costing module pulls together everything you need in one location.

You can create a budget for your job, complete the contract, select the contractors and add in the necessary materials. The status is readily accessible along with a job overview. Whether your job is complex or simple, the tools needed are available to you.

You will have your Contractors essential information at your fingertips. Assign an unlimited number of Contractors, their hours, job rate and details making it easy to track their work progress.
Job Estimates and Contracts

Creating a Job Estimate and entering details such as materials, labor and equipment is a cinch to do. Having the retention, opportunity costs and job total readily available will keep you informed at all levels.

Quality Control

Quality control is very important especially to your clients. The built in scheduler will allow you to setup appointments with contractors as well as with your client. A full comprehensive history is freely available for the entire Job.
Issuing Material

Identify your Job, Customer, notes or details and you are quickly on your way to selecting the materials needed.

Quickly add items and check in stock quantity, cost, and warehouse making it easy to select the appropriate materials for a Job.
Invoicing Jobs

Create invoices for your jobs based on approved amounts. Handle claimed and approved retention amounts, penalty amounts, recovery of advances and any disputed amounts for each job.

Billing Jobs

Create bills for your jobs based on approved amounts. Handle claimed and approved retention amounts, penalty amounts, recovery of advances and any disputed amounts for each job.
Job Overview Inquiry

The Job Overview Inquiry shows you the status of all aspects of the Job.

Being able to analyze a Job from that level gives you a fundamental advantage for the next Job.

Knowing your estimate, budget and actual costs and whether they are under or above the projected numbers can save you time and money on your next Job.
Key Features VisionCore
User defined powerful grid searching
    Group by any column in the Search Form  
    Email orders to your customer from within the order  
    Advanced searching options available  
    Job Information and Details  
    Job Enter and Modified Dates  
    Job Estimates, Items, Labor, Equipment and Other Expenses  
    Job Retention  
    Job Opportunity Costs  
    Job Budget including Items, Labor, Equipment and Other Expenses  
    Original Contract Costs  
    Contract Details  
    Balances and Status  
    Bank Guarantee  
    Change Order  
    Payment History  
    Retention, Recovery and Penalty GL accounts  
    Job Contractors and Details  
    Job Materials  
    Job Status and Quality Control  
    Unlimited Custom Fields  
    Schedule Activities for Job  
    Job Notes  
    Job Hours  
    Attach document to a specific Job  
    Job Ship To Locations  
    Duplicate Jobs  
    Job Summary  
    Material Issue Per Job  
    Material Return  
    Job Transfer  
    Job Project with Category and Sub Category  
    Job Overview Inquiry  
    Project Plan  
    Job Invoices  
    Job Bills